The Restaurant

The crossroads of cultivation, connection, and creativity. We strive to connect our craft of creating unique, locally inspired, and seasonally curated food with emotionally invested service. The relationships we have created with local farmers, cultivators, brewers, and distillers, share the core ideals of our emotional investment. We are proud of our centralized location with seven major highways or interstate routes within twenty minutes of our front door. As we conceived our identity, we became fond of connecting our guests to the highest quality food and beverage our area had to offer. We have diligently partnered with local farmers to raise our own plots of fruits and vegetables, cheese makers to provide farmstead cheese, distillers who utilize the bounty around us, and brewers that strive to create the highest quality crafted product as we do in our restaurant. Our thoughtfully curated wine program highlights the greatest wine regions of the world. Our spirits program similarly boasts the highest quality cognacs, scotch’s, bourbons, and other spirits. We look forward to connecting you to our ideals and passions.


Culinary Team

Executive Chef John Gardner, Sous Chef Sterling Hobbs, and Chef de Cuisine Nathaniel Kutch are all passionately invested in utilizing and representing locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. We approach all of our ingredients with the same ideal of “how do we connect the craftsmen and women of those ingredients to our guests?”. That singular thought transcends into inspirations each chef has experienced or aspires to provide.

Service Team

Reservationist Vivlin Bal, Bar Keep Jeremy Harrison and Juan Ramirez, Servers Rosa Gastelum, Susan Knower, and Margarito Meza all work tirelessly to be emotionally invested in our service standards. The manner in which we provide is our core service ideal. We strive to be characterized by warmth and approachability, with an unwavering commitment to excellence and a focus on providing exceptional experiences for guests.